Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Showed my Leaf at a local event.

Today after school was over I went to the book store to get a scantron. I noticed that they were having some sort of GREEN DAY out on the campus. There were vendors selling organic natural items and other companies showing off GREEN stuff including one with WATER BASED CAR PAINT. They had sample cars with the paint and it was real nice. There was a gal from the Bay area with her Leaf and another from Roseville with his Volt. It was just too cool. I went and talked to some folks about the items and the owner of the Leaf and Volt. I got permission (since I drove my Leaf to school) to take my Leaf and show it off with the others. I was only there for an hour but that hour was full talking and explaining. There was loads of interest in electric. Some with only passing interest while others were quite serious. The other Leaf owner wants to also convert an older car. She was asking all sorts of conversion questions but I had limited time to explain. She wanted to come see in person how it is done. She has read all about converting but needs that in your hands experience where book and internet just won't do. Not sure if I can do that because they live in the Bay and I am inland by quite a distance. But all in all it was a great experience to show my electric car how ever brief it was. I will for sure do it again.

Pete :)

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