Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Empi Rear Disc Brakes

I now have the axle bearings installed and the seals and both rear disc brake rotors. Calipers are on. I put the caliper supports on backwards. Damn. So I took them both apart and turned them around proper and got the calipers with shoes installed. These have parking brakes so are perfect for my needs. I will connect up the lines completely tomorrow. Might even get lucky and get them bled.

I must go into Sac and will be trying to get a look at yet another Ghia. This one is a 61 Ghia and looks to be an excellent buy for converting. Nothing needs to be done but I don't trust what others say. I must look because their good may be my poor. We shall see. Pics look good. If its the right one we will get the car and use it for our show piece for getting more work.

Pete :)

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