Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pedal Assembly

Well the stock pedal assembly sucks. I ordered a new one this evening. It extends the clutch pedal to the left about an inch so you don't hit both pedals when you stop. Also the original VW Throttle is pretty lame and not too nice. It is hard to explain but if you know VW's then you know the sloppy issues with the early throttle assembly. Well this one fixes that. I can then use my original accessory item cruiser pedal with the new setup. It will make the throttle smooth and no more slop. It also provides a new clutch cable end that prevents the wearing of the clutch cable rod hook. So from the front brakes to the rear we have replaced the entire braking and throttle pedal assembly. I should have this puppy in a few days. Did not have time to do any work today to the Roadster. Went to Sacramento for my second treatment to remove a tattoo. Damn shit hurts. But I have only 4 more sessions and it should be gone gone. I am glad they have a system that actually works. But not pain free. Zonkers, think long and hard before getting a tattoo and what it may be to you when your old. Might consider a fake one that you can remove or will wear off later. Colored Henna may just give you that short duration fun body art that goes away. Way more painful to get removed than to get. Be sure before you get one. Mine should have gone away long ago.

One I plan to keep. Says Peace no War in Chinese.   

This sucker has new bushings and refurbished components. It is actually original parts with new working parts. Exactly what the Doctor ordered.

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