Saturday, June 8, 2013


The count down has begun for the purchase of a new AC-75 and the Curtis 144 volt controller. I have sold a few items and have a few more things to let out into the community for those wanting a good deal for their first projects. I still have two motors and a controller. I'd like to let one of the motors and controller go as a package deal for someone wanting a good deal for a VW conversion. Strong solid motor and for all practical purposes a brand new Synkromotive controller.

I am now only a tiny bit away from getting my new AC-75 and controller for my Porsche 914. I am hoping that the new owners of the motor and batteries are happy with their purchase and that they get some good use out of the batteries. My brakes are done on my Roadster and now I need to build the pack case and install the batteries and controller and seats. I am going to have the front clip replaced as it was kinked a bit in its life. Should be an easy repair. I am glad to be working on the project once again.

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