Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Electric Bus

This is a 1958 VW 23 Window Deluxe that started life as a Panel Bus. It was converted to a 23 Window Deluxe and has the Semaphore style turn signals. It sports the small narrow rear hatch. Has early pressed bumpers. A nice touch and not so easy to find part. The bus has a belly pan and the cargo floor was opened up to allow the mounting of the cells under the floor but yet not sticking below the frame rails of the bus and the belly pan safely protects them from road debris like little rocks and such. Keeps out the water too. When the cargo floor was cut it was make to be replaced over the cells to protect them and to allow full use of the cargo area. A very nice touch and one in which I am going to do to my bus as well. I did suggest that this should be done and it is a perfect place to stash the cells. If you need even more space you can load the old fuel tank shelf with cells and even put in a wall to hide them when looking at the motor in the motor bay. Lots of room in a Bus for cells without taking up any cargo or passenger space. And you can do it with out hacking the crap out of the vehicle.

You can follow the build here at this forum site and take a look at the advances he did with this bus and its conversion to electric. The Bus sports an AC-50 and I believe the 650 amp controller. Looks to be plenty of power for such a vehicle.

See the first drive with the bus below and enjoy.

First Electric VW microbus test drive from jehu Garcia on Vimeo.

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