Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lots to do

Been bottom balancing a batch of cells today. Set up is simple yet automated. Not a science project either. But rather a simple tool to do the work needed. A motor, 12 volt battery, shunt, contactor, JLD404 AH meter, JLD5704 volt meter, and one switch. Oh! and a pile of cells to drain. Connected together they work perfectly and in harmony to do the unforgiving task of draining the cells and logging the amp hours taken out and the starting voltages. My setup for the meter is 2.5 volts for the low and 2.8 volts for the high. When running it will take out electrons until it reaches 2.5 volts, at which point the contactor is shut off by the volt meter relay. Then when the voltage reaches 2.8 it will again turn on and the cycle starts over. Usually at this point the cycling is rather quick but some cells don't just bounce back up so fast. Others bounce crazy fast while others just hit the bottom and lie there flat as a pancake and slowly rise. Each has a mind of its own. Current draw has a play in all this as well but I just want to drain the cells. So a simple setup that can safely run on its own is a good thing. It allowed me to do other tasks around for my other project, the 914 Porsche. Brake Calipers are now on and the car once again on its wheels. I am now working on the pedal assemble to replace all the plastic bushings to oil bronze bushing. Should now last another 100 years. I need to take the pedal assemble to the local shop to see if they will remove the drift pin from the assembly so I can finish cleaning the thing. Should blast it and paint it too while its all apart. Might just do that. Then I can bleed the brakes and be done with this whole mess.

The Roadster is now on its feet after a long year on stands. Dirty and dusty and covered in spider webs its time to give it a bath. Then it will be time to bottom balance the CALB SE cells that will be going into that project.

Nearly have the funds for the AC-75 for the Porsche. That is good. I can get some Toyo LRR tires for the Porsche that are perfect original size.

Video will be coming for the bottom balancing setup I did.

I also still have a very nice 9" GE DC Series motor for sale that is designed for the VW. Its a motor and adaptor in one. And I have the Synkromotive controller for it as well for $1800. Its an excellent way to get into the EV thing on a budget but have an excellent controller and motor for your ride without breaking the bank. So if your in need I have it. Local pick up only please.

I am in northern California.

Pete :)

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  1. Great to see you back on your feet Pete!