Monday, January 27, 2014

Synkromotive Firmware Update

Synkromotive will be getting a huge and solid Firmware Update. Once we get it we will put it through its paces and we will even try out the regen function. Since I have a neutral timed motor and inter poles my setup will be the most ideal for testing out the regen function. This is a much awaited update for the Synkromotive controller to date. We will need to do a writeup for regen and charging for both AC and DC. Looks like I will need more contactors for the regen setup.

Here are some possibilities for your setup. One of them should fit your needs.

Possible Installation Configurations:


Forward + Reverse
Forward + Re-gen
Forward + Charging 
Forward + Fuel Gauge

Forward + Reverse + Re-gen
Forward + Re-gen + Fuel Gauge
Forward + Charging + Fuel Gauge

Forward + Re-gen + Reverse + Charging
Forward + Re-gen + Fuel Gauge + Charging

NOT Capable:

Forward + Reverse + Re-gen + Fuel Gauge + Charging

I will be having another video shortly. More DC charging. Will setup a bank of solar and charge directly from solar. Not fast but directly with solar.

Pete :)

I was thinking about this setup. Even when I take off the components from the ply backing the motor compartment will be quite cluttered and busy. My plan now is to take all the electronics and mount them on the other side of the firewall. It will be totally unseen but totally connected. The motor compartment will be hosed with black bed liner and then cover the open areas around the motor to close off the motor compartment and only allow the top half of the motor to show in the motor compartment. That will open up and make it so simple and clean to the look. No one will ever see the jumble of wires. Not sure where to put the charger plugs. I want this ride looking clean. I will also not have to replace my motor deck lid. It had louvers punched into the lid for cooling and looks but would allow rain and water in. Not that I will be driving this in wet weather. But if I get caught in a downpour I don't want my electronics getting wet.


  1. Pete, I found this and thought you'd get a kick out of it.

  2. Thanks, I got a kick out of that.