Saturday, January 11, 2014

Quickie Porsche 914 update

Today I put in new headlights. No, not the cool LED lights. Not yet anyway. I also got the heater functioning. Now that all the little stuff except the parking brake switch and carpet are done I can now look forward to gathering all my EV components, all the while enjoying the car with the ICE until such time as I rip it out and install all the EV components. I will continue with the Bug build. I did however come up against a snag with the Bug. I closed the front trunk and it locked but I found out that the front release is a locking type and I don't have a key. Bummer. Now I gotta figure out how to get in without destroying any parts. Except of course the lock on the release. Then I will get a new locking release with a key. You know, keys really do help. :)

On the camera front, I have been playing with my new Sony A7R and now have some new lenses. One is a 24mm 70mm zoom from Sony for the A7 but it works equally well on the A7R. I also picked up a new Samyang 85mm Cine Lens. These are actually quite good but they are totally manual. So if you don't mind manual lenses then the price factor is just unbeatable. Excellent glass for the budget minded Videographer and Photographer. I can't use the 85mm in the office but it will be great for video clips of cars and outside interviews where I can setup a bit further away. I am looking into getting a 24 manual cine lens and or even a 35mm cine lens. Both of which I could use in the office. They are designed for full frame cameras but will also work with the crop sensor cameras if you don't mind that they would need to be set further away to get a good view. So on my Canon the 24mm would have the same field of view as a 38mm lens without the magnification. The 85mm would equal 136mm lens without the magnification. I have a 24mm manual lens but its not the best in low light but with the studio lights it works pretty good for in the room video. I usually have the f-stop at about 4 so the depth of field is not so narrow which makes for easier focusing. I have a stuffed hanging monkey I call my focus monkey so I set it up so it is hanging right were I would be sitting and then focus on that. Manual focus is good because it does not move but I have a narrow range of movement I can do so I must not move too much out of my area. I will try f-5 and 6 later to see how much extra room I have for moving about in front of the camera.

The gear looking things are for follow focus rigs and gear to move the armature as needed during video sessions.

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