Monday, December 30, 2013


Done except a couple little touch up items. The roof and solar is done. Wooo Hooo. Solar was finished and back on line today. We are now crunching those solar electrons again. Its amazing how much we save having solar. This past three weeks was looking like $500 plus for our winter electric bill while our solar was off line. Bummer. So going solar for a full electric home is the only way to go. Next month we will be installing at least another 3kW solar array on the car port to add to our existing 7kW system. If the car port will support 4kW then I will put up another 4kW worth of panels. I have 6kW worth available. What ever does not go onto the house will be used for a ground mount totally off grid setup for my shop which will be done in the next couple months. My man cave, can't wait. Here are some pics of before and after. I really like the layout of the panels this time. These guys know how to make a bank of panels look good on the house vs the other company that first put up our system.

Pete :)

Taking my Leaf, or hoping to, to the Sacramento EV club for a checkup of the battery pack which still totally sucks. Took it to the movies the other evening and had the heater on there and back, it was cold, and in a 16 mile run it was 8 miles total on the freeway at 56 mph and the rest between 0 and 45. Not too many stops at lights. By the time I got home I had burned through half my charge. Shit. Not looking so good. Even though Nissan says its still good to go. I say not so fast. These guys can dig out all my information and give a good look and a non biased look. Just what I am after.

Here are some before and after photos.

Before Solar:

After Solar:

New Roof/Solar and color:

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