Thursday, December 19, 2013


Well the roof is looking good and the solar guys are getting the new rails mounted. There was a very brief moment when the roof was naked with nothing on it. Covering such a nice looking roof is ...... Oh well. Have a look. Pics are with my new Sony A7R. I have a nice new Lens too.


  1. I love your roof! It boosts the curve appeal of your house, Pete! Good choice, at that. Metal roofs do not require as much maintenance as those other types of roof. Still, it needs proper upkeep to maximize its longevity and durability. I'm glad you have your new camera with you to share this fabulous place. Thanks for the post! :)

    Jesse Curry @ RoofingByCurry

  2. The last exhibition held in these chambers was year and a half ago; it was organised by UNESCO in collaboration with Punjab Archeology Department on built heritage of Lahore.
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