Friday, December 6, 2013


My new Sony A7R showed on my door step today. Charging the battery right now. Did a little mucking around with it but can't do much until the batteries are charged. Waiting for an external charger and I will have many batteries to keep this camera going. Its a power hog as are most modern digital cameras.

Our Garage and Car port now both have completed new roofs. Solar panels off and awaiting the removal and installation of the roof on the main house. These guys did a great job.

I have lots to learn about my new camera. There are lots of buttons to preprogram so I can preprogram for things I do the most to make things quite fast in setup. So far I love the quality of the camera. Built well and quite solid. Feels like the SLR cameras of days gone by. My Pentax camera is well built. This is better. Size wise its about the same as the old SLR cameras too. Not nearly as FAT as most of the current DSLR cameras like the Canons and Nikons. Holds well. Feels great. Fits great even in my mongo hands.

I am a well pleased camper. Now I need to acquire some A-Mount Lenses and a couple of the new E-Mount Lenses. The New Lenses are labeled as FE denoting the full frame sensor. Most of the E-mounts are Micro 4/3 lenses. I can use them but loose some sensor area. Bummer. I plan on only using lenses that were original designed for 35mm sizes sensors or from the old film cameras. I have an excellent lens from an old Pentax screw mount and its a Super Takumar 55mm f-1.8 lens with UV lens cover and hood. Takes excellent images. Top notch glass. There is better out there but it is excellent glass. Well built and solid little lens. Totally manual when used on this camera.

More to come. Videos should be coming in soon as I learn this sucker. I got it mostly for the video but at 36 mega pixels it is one hell of a sensor and camera.

Pete :)


  1. Looks like everything is going right on schedule. It should only be a matter of time before a brave new roofing surfaces. Perfect in time for the holidays and what should probably be a very interesting season. So it's good that you went off and dealt with that right away.

    Charles Terry @ Charles Terry Construction

  2. The roof is going up a little slower than I'd like but the weather is on our side. Solar guys will be out tomorrow to put our panels back up and get us up and running again. More panels will be going up later. It is a great Christmas present to ourselves.