Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Climate Change

Not exactly what you were thinking. Wooooo hooooo. We got rain. Finally. So on the the Climate Change issue, or more specifically what was once called Global Warming that has now been downgraded to Climate change. Without a doubt, the climate changes. It just changed from rather dry to rather wet. Hands down there is no debating that the climate changes. :)

Now on to some better things. Now that its wet, my car port is not the most ideal place to work on my vehicle. I can't just sweep out a spot in my garage so I must do with what I have. I am however still moving forward with my 20w x 30l x12h shop. I just ordered the extra 10 ft length I need to make it a 30ft long shop. Once that arrives I will need to contract out for the foundation. I have the plans and they will be specific to my location so I can get the proper permits and that the foundation will be done correctly to support the new building. I will be powering it will totally off grid solar. Im thinking about 3kW size for the system. Should be easy to do.

I also just talked to the solar guys and they will be coming out to install another 3kW array on my car port. That will give me a total of 10kW for my home system. Should cover all my needs for the entire year and then some. With the extra 3kW off grid solar I will have more than enough for our needs.

Ives from Synkromotive is getting some interesting stuff done. Should see the firmware update today. I will post schematics of different things you can do with the Synkromotive when the firmware update is finalized and sent to me. I will have the update available to those who have a Synkromotive and want to do some cool things that they were not able to do before or were not aware was available because it was not put into the original manual.

Got 34 cells installed into the Bug last night. Had to clean the tops because the previous owner put duct tape on the positive terminals and after sitting for some time the glue stuck to the aluminum and I had to clean off that nasty sticky glue. Once done I scuffed the tops and installed the battery straps. I have the copper stacked leaf type of strap. No issue with me on these. So now I will go snug them up tight and will strap the whole pack together for now.

No, the pack is not bottom balanced but they are pretty close already. I will not be driving the vehicle yet as it needs a few items to be completed first. Yes, its a slow project. I have little time to actually do hands on with the project. Once the pack is done I will setup for some more charging and video of the setup.

Thats about it for today.

Pete :)

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