Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Rain Coming.

More rain on the way. Was busy today with the Bug. Working on the cars 12 volt system. Oh crap, what a disaster. Good thing is that it looks like most of the original wiring is actually still there. Lots of extra wires that don't belong or are not connected. I got power from the 12V aux battery to the front Key and got the head lights working including the High and Low beams. Had to clean the floor mounted switch. Yes, the high/low beam switch on the old VWs are floor mounted. No need for steering column switches.

Kinda like this one. Exactly like this but not quite a nice looking but it does work.

I so much like the simple nature of the VW wire harness but you know, some folks can just screw up anything. Even as simple as the most basic of wire loom harnesses. Tomorrow I do the back up lights and then send power to the controller. I will have the main power cables connected to the controller tomorrow too. Still not sure if I will have a video this week. 

I need a light switch and the emergency switch was removed when the car was converted to the open top roadster. So I will put one back in but hidden under the dash so its out of sight but still there and functional. Then I need to get blinkers working. That is not so important right now. 

Pete :)

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