Thursday, February 13, 2014

More on charging

I found an issue that needs addressed. The inductor is not in the most ideal place. I will move it to a better connection point. I also found out that the Synkromotive controller does not like the contactors with the economizer on the contactor. It has a hard time telling if its a viable connection. Best are the contactors without the economizers. I have three Curtis Albright Mag blow out contactors. I don't like them as they are bulky. So I modified one of my Kilovac contactors by removing the economizer. I don't mind because these were purchased for only $5 each. I got a total of 4 for $20 bucks. What a steal. I got them at a VW show from a guy selling off electric city bus parts for ev conversions. Cheap. I got the contactors. Sweet deal. So after some more testing tomorrow with the inductors in a better position and the modified contactors I hope to rectify an issue. I can make it work as I want but I want it to all work as it should. Digging issues out is not always an easy thing to do. The position change should be a big deal. May just fix the problem.

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