Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Live Video Streaming

Well, Ive been hammering out some serious testing for doing some live video streaming. On a budget it is going to be a tough call. I found a couple services that may work but there are problems. I have a fast enough internet connection to do streaming video and do good streaming video. Its something I have wanted to do for the past year. So far I can stream via my iPhone from make.tv and it does pretty good except the video can be choppy. I have turned down the quality and not gotten any better. I used my own wireless here at home so my phone would have no issues. Not. The others including make.tv have audio sync problems and very high delay rates. That totally sucks. I also get audio feed back that sounds like crap. At this point I think I am going to stay with video and then just post video to watch. Live could be cool. The costs are high for services if its a hobby like mine would be. The free services are slow, filled with ad content and have little in the way of features. Features cost a crap load of money. Like $99 per month. Ouch. Some even in the $399 and $999 per month. Seriously? Really? Best have some serious equipment and money coming in do pay that per month. Out of my league. Still looking for hardware to allow me to do some quality streaming. My Sony Camera will do some killer HD output so that equipment will be fine. Just need a good reliable hdmi decoder that will work on my computers. Prefer to do this mobile. Arrrrg. Google Hangouts is OK but still need a way to have it recognize the camera. Computers don't have HDMI in. Only HDMI out. So an encoder is required but will the encoder allow the program like Google Hangouts recognize the decoder as a video source. I have a nice usb out video camera that does pretty good output but does not do audio. The audio I can supply won't sync up. So that setup is useless. For a web cam it would be OK.

Does anyone have any great ideas on how to setup a solid quality video stream for some weekly video fun with building and talking EV's?

Pete :)

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