Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Live Broadcasting

I have done a few tests and one official broadcast to date. I have my new Macbook Pro 15" Retina Display and fully outfitted with SSD and Ram. It is fast and processes video quite well. I have a small Blackmagic box for taking HDMI video out of my Sony A7r and puts it into my computer where I use Wirecast to broadcast out to YouTube or Google Hangouts. I like YouTube better but it works fine enough with Google Hangouts. I tried a few other programs for broadcasting and did not like them as well as Wirecast. The Blackmagic Mini Recorder makes my video feed look like a web cam that is connected to the computer. Since it is full HD the quality is superb. My computer and internet access allow for full HD upload with out any hiccups. There is however a delay so once your up and running you don't want to watch your video via the internet. Watch your computer via Wirecast. You can have the web open so you can answer questions. Hangouts is OK but there is an audio delay to the video so if your taking your video is delayed but the audio is nearly live. Anyway I like live but will try to include pre-recorded video as well. My intention is to use live feed more with my other business than this electric car stuff. So if anyone wants to do live broadcasting you can for a pretty decent price. If your camera or camcorder outputs clean HDMI video and you have a good mic on your computer and you use Wirecast you can use Wirecast and a computer microphone and the video will match up. Then output if you have decent high speed internet. I have the business class comcast internet. I have a killer fast connection.

So I have another 27 CALB SE 100ah cells on the way. I will have a total of 62 cells so I have a couple extra. I will then have enough to put together my AC charging setup. The DC one will still be viable as well.

I re-adjusted the drivers door so it now opens smoothly and closes smoothly. Over the years it has lost its adjustment and was not opening properly. Now it does once again.

I was unable to get the Better Place Pack but that was just fine. I am still a fan of the LiFePO4 cell because of the extra long life they provide. They provide excellent power as well as life.

I do hope that those that purchase those packs get good life from them for the price. They should be best for the higher voltage systems out there. I'd stick with LiFePO4 cells for the lower voltage systems. I am going to be using a nominal 192 volts but it will still be considered low voltage. I will limit my motor voltage to 156 or even 144 and my battery amps to 500. I will set my motor amperage to 900. I don't plan on doing much hot rodding but I will be doing lots of cruising. Should be on the road right quick.

I am going to be doing a test for EPC. This is the controller that many poo poo'd. I had told him two years ago that I'd test one for him. He finally took me up on my offer but it is more checking to see if the controller is working properly or not. A customer was having trouble with it cutting out and he wanted a 3rd party to check it for him. I offered. It is good for 72 volts up to 300 volts and up to 1000 amps. Its large and heavy. I will get to have a look inside and will be taking pictures and will be posting my results on line and to him. I won't worry about ruining anything. I will have safety cutoff setup. I will use this with 120 volts before I put in the new cells.

I will be doing another live event on thursday evening. Hopefully not too late.

Pete :)

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