Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I jumped on the CALB SE 100ah cells that EVTV had to offer for $100 each. I ordered 27 to give me a total of 62 cells for my VW. The cells arrived the other day and I went this afternoon and picked them up. The straps and bolts and washers arrived today on my door step. What perfect timing. Now it is raining again. Arrrrrrg. Anyway I found I needed a pin for my brake pedal assembly to hold the master cylinder plunger in place. I found a used one because that is the only way to get them anymore. So if you have an older VW, don't loose yours if you do any upgrades and need to remove your pedal assembly.  So I hope to have the vehicle running in the next couple days. Now that I pretty much have it all together. Not finalized for position but I hope to move it just around the property for now.

Pete :)

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