Saturday, April 5, 2014

AC Motor

I am going to pickup my AC motor on Wed. This motor is going to be used for a couple projects but the main one is to use it directly with an engine so I can have a generator I can tow along with my EV so I can charge anywhere I need as needed. I was thinking originally of using a small Diesel engine but the engine is not really powerful enough to provide a gob of power for charging. It does work but not for fast charging. I figured that I could mount an AC motor to the drive shaft of a small VW engine and use it directly and run that 3 phase into a 650 volt 200 amp rectifier which I have. I have one mounted already to a nice aluminum finned heat sink. I could even connect a relay to shut the engine down when the battery pack is full. I think the AC motor will provide a better more stable power source for charging the pack. I could if I had another Synkromotive controller build a charger that would actually charge while driving to extend the range. Then when the pack does empty I can stop and charge again. Yes, it would require gasoline but it would be a reasonable priced range extender that could allow you to go much further than with electric alone and at a much lower cost than buying a larger pack which would not fit anyway.

The idea is to be able to drive to EVCCON next year rather than tow the car. Or to the beach or where ever. The idea is NOT to worry about finding a charge station. Since there are very few available fast charge stations and ones that are voltage specific for the average DIY build, taking your own fast charger is the ONLY way to do this. Im looking at a good 60 mile range with the little Bug between charges.

I had to fix a few unexpected little things on the build and now very close to getting this sucker on the road. I also now have 60 CALB SE 100ah cells for a 19kWh pack. Should do nicely. I will set my controller for 120 volts for driving at first and 500 battery amps. I am not sure how well the Kostov will handle higher voltages than 120 volts as recommended by Kostov.

                                     7" Raymond Forklift Motor. 3 Phase Induction Motor.

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