Thursday, April 24, 2014

AC motor Inverter Kit

I bit the bullet and decided to take on the challenge of building an inverter for AC induction motors. I have no formal education in electronics but I can follow directions and I can solder. I will be asking a crap load of questions along the way and will be posting as I go along. The goal is an inverter I can use as a control for the AC motor I have so I can use it to charge my pack. I am going to be using a VW engine for now to drive the AC motor and the inverter to control the output to charge the pack. It is now my intention to charge the pack without the help of the Synkromotive controller being involved at all. If I can make this happen I will have figured out how to make a simple tag along charge trailer that can charge a pack or if possible even run the motor that is currently in the car as well as charge the pack when the load is not as high so the output can charge the pack. Sort of like a Volt Range Extender. If I run the engine maybe the output can run the drive motor directly. Not sure yet. One step at a time. I am also in need of help coming up with a coupler that I can use directly on the motor shaft. The one side is a taper shaft. Odd but it does have a key. The other end is a straight shaft with key which I may use. I have a simple way to connect but need that coupler.

The coupler design will be like this: The left side is the input shaft of the transmission and sticking through an empty transmission. The transmission is mounted solid and the engine is mounted to that. The universal joint is mounted to the end of the input shaft. The other end is bearing mounted and then somehow connected to the motor on the right. The motor on the right is an old Starter/Generator and there are actually two mounted on this Dyno for a load and checking torque. The end of the transmission case is cut to allow access to the end of the input shaft. The input shaft is connected into the clutch of the engine. No clutch is being used but that is the connection. Simple, easy and when checking the VW engine it can be pulled from the car and directly mounted without having to remove the clutch. Perfect. I should be able to duplicate this with little trouble. How to connect a universal joint to the motor is the issue.

As you can see (I think) this end of the motor has a taper shaft with key. An odd fit. 

This end is a straight shaft with a key and as on both ends a screw to mount a tightening nut. Since it is an AC induction motor I can use either end and have it work. I am hoping to figure out how to build a coupler to utilize the end of a crank shaft for the VW and have an adaptor built so this can be mounted in a VW at some point for on the road testing in an actual car to see how viable the little motors will be for street use. 

Anyway I am going to need help building this AC Induction motor inverter to run this little sucker. 

Pete :)

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