Thursday, April 24, 2014


A much needed item for the Roadster. I was trying to cut corners and find a decent seat on Craigs List. Don't bother if its for a Bug. Most of the aftermarket seats are not designed for the narrow chassis of the Bug. Soooooo, I stopped into Bugformance of Sacramento today and picked up a set of front seats and sliding mounts. The sliding mounts will be delivered on Tuesday. I have the seats at home now. I also figured out a way to make the throttle cable connection to my Pot better and cleaner.  So with the seating out of the way I will be taking my ride out for a first spin in a couple days. These are typical racing suspension seats for buggies or what ever. They are quite light weight and fit my rear quite well. These are ready for 5 point harnesses for racing if you desire. I still need a roll bar but that will come later. I also need carpet but that will be the very last thing on the interior. I will be doing some aluminum panel building and need to hone my skills with aluminum welding again. I have an old Heli Arc welder that will do AC Tig welding. Not as much control as with the new style Tig welders but it will do.

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