Sunday, April 13, 2014

A123 26650 LiFePO4 Cells

New cells arrive on Wed or Thursday. I need to come up with a way to test these little power house cells. A pack that is only 25ah in size will provide a whopping 1750 amps worth of lightning and thunder. Wonder how well they will actually do. If these don't prove as good I am sure they will do fine for a small Aux cell for something. Maybe even a small pack for my bicycle. So 8 cells and 24 volts I could do 70 amps which is way more current than the little controller can dish out. Might be good for a few miles anyway.

Might use them for my Quad Copter power source that will give me a pretty good range and should be light enough for my machine.

25ah and 1750 amps available with these cells. That is way more than I can pull with my setup. So for a nice race vehicle these cells will be just killer. So for a decent DC setup with dual controllers for double the amperage I could do a 192 volt pack that will have 1750 amps available and pump it into a single motor for a trip or two down the track. My controller will deliver 900 amps and at double that I could reach the 1750 amps out of the small pack for a trip down the track. If I just use one motor and controller in a very light weight buggy I could very well get 192 volts and little sag because the cells can actually provide that high current. That would push a little buggy pretty good down the track. Small controller and small pack and glass body and light weight frame with maybe even glass floor pans. Light and agile. These should be a total game changer for those who like the LiFePO4 chemistry.

Pete :)

So testing of the A123 cells begins. I hope to put together a good setup that will run on its own for some time with out intervention and record the charge/discharge graphs.

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