Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rain is here

Finally we get some water. Much needed water. Hope it stays around for the week. Well the wiring issue has gotten much better. I removed all the garbage for now. There are a few that need cleaned up a bit but for the most part the main stuff has been cleaned up and fixed. I have high and low beams, rear parking lights and blinkers and dash lights working. I have the dash lights coming on when the key is on. Not yet connected to the light switch. I will advertise for the light switch and emergency switch. The blinkers are not on the regular rear lights but should be. The fronts were removed and replaced with extra blinkers. I am going to use the parking lights in the head light housing for the front blinkers and I am going to change out the Ford Tear Drop rear lights for some stock early tail lights. I will be sure my blinkers are working properly. It will bring back the VW look but still be a one off Roadster. I now have my ground setup but I will be putting in some more grounding straps to the body and chassis. VW's are notorious for real crappy grounding so it is imperative that the grounding be real good and solid. My time ran out so I will connect up tomorrow and video on Sat, Yes, even if its raining. Well, I guess as long as it all works. High power connect tomorrow after work. Small connections are done.

Pete :)

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