Tuesday, April 5, 2011

all the piggies in a row

Well I now have 31 cells discharged to 2.4 volts or there abouts. I put all 31 in parallel tonight and began discharging more. What I found was that the cells would get hot on the negative side post but the whole cell as a unit did not get hot. But because the post got hot that means that the post on the inside got hot as well. At a discharge rate of 50 amps or more I found that some cells would puff a tad. That to me indicates that part of the cell pack on the inside was getting hot enough to gas off a bit that is close to the terminal causing a slight bulging. The cells are rated for 1C discharge but that rate does cause the negative terminal to get hot and I think hot enough internally to gas some near the post. The rest of the cell remains cool. As does the positive terminal. That is an interesting find. Some of the heating issues may be due to some minor corrosion. Both the pos and neg terminals on the Hi-Power are aluminum and that will oxidate easy. So I think I am going to use a very fine file and clean off all the terminals where the connection is at. That may help some.

Will be charging the first pack tomorrow. My charger is set to 3.6 volts per cell. According to what I have been told. We shall monitor the entire charge cycle from start to finish and we may need two days because I must work and won't have time to watch the whole process in one evening, maybe.

Pete :)

I am now discharging at 50 amps slower but cooler and easier on the cells.

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