Friday, April 1, 2011

Hi-Power Balancing Act

Well, I am currently taking all my extra Hi-Power Cells and discharging them to 2.4 @ 90amp draw. Once I get to that point I terminate the discharge. I have a batch to charge up a bit then discharge them to 2.4 @ 90amp draw. I prefer to terminate at discharge than charge. I set up two motors in parallel and get a good solid 90amp draw during the entire discharge. Time for each cell so far today has been just over an hour. The cells are 100 AH cells so my capacity so far is good. I did connect 4 cells together and ran them in series but two cells were not balanced and I heated up two of them to the point of bloating. They still hold a charge and I did check for internal gas and they did gas. I released the gas and squeezed the cells back together and let them cool. I did discharge one to zero volts but after sitting it is just under 1 volt. I am going to charge then discharge them to see how long it takes to check my capacity. So far all my capacities have been at least 1 hour when I discharge a single cell at a time. Yes I am running two 9" motors in parallel with a single cell @90 amps. The GE motor runs much better at low voltage than the Warp9. Both are still running at the end of discharge but the Warp9 is very very slow. So my video of the Hi-Power cells is wrong and I will be removing it from the archives. I did find gas and it is possible to squeeze the cells back to normal if you do it while the cells are still soft and pliable. I am doing one cell at a time and it is going to take awhile. I am going to redo the ones in my MG because it looks like a few may still be out of whack just a tad. So I will drive the car. So far I am finding that 2.8 volts should be the absolute final voltage to take these kind of cells. That is pretty much it. They give a bit of extra to limp home but it is not advised to drive them much or very hard beyond 2.8. The controller should shut off at 2.6. So my top charge will be 3.6 and my end will be 2.8. Shut off at 2.6. No exceptions. Now its time to get some better batteries.

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