Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ghia Gone

Well I did it again. Purchased a possible conversion car and then sold it. Well I sold the latest Ghia. Not much of a profit but a small one. Just one more small step closer to the right one and I have more now to spend. It looked good from a distance but the paint was just not done right. I'd rather just buy one that has the original paint but needs painted. That way there is no need to remove any crappy paint job first. It can cost extra to fix a bad job. So I am on the hunt once again. The car was rust free but there could have been unknown junk under the paint. With original paint I know for sure what is there. Nothing hidden. VW's have lots of hidden junk if your not careful. I do hunt for that prime deal but they don't come often. So I buy and sell to build my funds. The best prospects are usually more expensive. Buying and selling helps build the budget. I still have one to go. It will be our 77 MG Midget turn key all electric. Once the new charger arrives we will install the Kelly HP controller and fan and finish up the pack box. It will be a 100 ah pack at 96 volts upgradeable to 144 volts. The charger can only be used with either 100 or 200 AH pack size. 200 AH and 96 volts should do just fine for the MG.

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