Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We have started a new conversion project. We will be doing a complete video presentation of the process and what it takes. We will doing talks and show and tell during the process. It should go pretty fast as we already have most if not all our components to convert the car. We chose once again a 64 VW Karmann Ghia because it is a nice looking vehicle. It is a solid vehicle. It is aerodynamic and gets good watts per mile. Plenty of room for a large person and plenty of room for placing batteries. It can be done with out hacking the whole car. We plan on belly pans to hold extra batteries so we have less in the vehicle and in the trunk area. The car is in excellent condition and not a rust bucket. It needs no rust repair and all the components work. We will consider a repaint in the inside of the car as the paint is sorta old but acceptable. No damaged panels or cut portions of the dash which is common on old VW's. No accidents either. This was an important consideration when choosing the vehicle. One which you need to consider as well because the vehicle condition will determine the overall cost of the project. So once we get the vehicle we will begin our videos.

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