Friday, March 18, 2011


Expectations are pretty lofty when a new comer finds out that you can convert a car to electric. Much of what is or has been posted from prior conversions is mostly to blame. The results from what these folks say and what they actually get are far from true or at least not being very accurate. Like a VW that gets 50 miles per charge on lead acid and only 96 volts of 6 volt cells. They fail to say at what speeds they got those mileage ratings. So a new person comes along and says wow, I can go to work and back and charge at home and no more gas stations. Then they pull the trusty old VW engine and go buy a kit on line and then go to the local battery store and get the right 6 volt cells and put it all together. Total expense is now about $6000 or more bucks and they go out and take it for a spin and have a blast. Next they go for a long drive knowing that they can go 50 miles because this guy says so and I got all the right stuff. Well what happens is that he got the wrong kit and an anemic motor and controller and he finds out that the distance of 50 miles is more like 20 at freeway speeds. That 50 miles may be attainable if one travels with no stops and at 35 mph the whole way. Well maybe a stop or two along the way. Those things are not spoken about and those that usually figure it out usually just fade into the woodwork. So the new person just has no clue. The information must be right because they say. Well they don't say. The speculate and falsely give ranges at NEV speed levels. Can you get good distance and speeds and reasonable costs for a conversion? Yes.

Next is the planning stage. You must plan and plan well.


Pete :)

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