Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ghia is home

We went yesterday evening to pickup the 64 Ghia. It will be a good vehicle for another conversion. Choosing a glider is very personal and not one to be taken lightly. It must be a vehicle your wanting to drive and not just convert because its cool. I am an avid fan of the old air cooled Volkswagen and in particular the VW Ghia and Bus. I have chosen both for a conversion. Based on simplicity but yet a nice driving vehicle they are excellent for conversions. VW's have a history of being one of the most converted vehicles of all time. Even in the 70's they were being converted to electric. Light weight, strong, no complex computers to deal with and an excellent drive train. Coupled to an electric motor they prove to be quite agile. Much better performance than stock gasoline powered versions. The Ghia is good looking, aerodynamic and strong. It is excellent and has many attributes. Being a closed top vehicle it can remain warm and dry yet you can open the windows to allow air flow when warm out. Should be plenty of room for an air conditioning system too. Perfect for a belly pan for holding batteries. We will try that trick.

Pete :)

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