Sunday, March 6, 2011


Well, It's raining and it is crappy weather. I left the window open on the Ghia and got the floor wet and I need to remove all the carpet on the passenger side so it won't rot and rust. Oh crud. Thought I had the window closed. Fixed the door latch so the drivers door shuts solid as a rock. Nice. Looking at a 59 Beetle that is all original and is a California car and from the original owners. Original every thing is still there and it fair condition too. Runs fine. Price is just right. Might even be better than the Ghia. Paint on the Ghia is more like an Earl Schibe paint job. Crappy prep but it does look good at 20 ft. There is a dink in the front nose section below the passenger side air intake. Crap. Cracked the paint. Other than the paint its a great car. Love it.

Pete :)

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