Sunday, April 17, 2011

Driving Time

Been driving my MG now almost every day since I balanced the cells and got the Elcon charger up and running. I am getting about 6 hours charge times and 20 miles at a decent speed. In town speeds will net further distances if I coast between stops and try to hypermile a bit. The car keeps up with traffic just fine in town and on the Hwy I try to stay at about 55 mph. My batteries are only rated at 1C so when I am above 45 my amp draw from the batteries is up around 175/180 at 55. If I push for more speed it goes up even more into the 220 amp range. This is hard on these batteries and the batteries are warm at the end of the run. So a recap, Impulse 9 motor, Synkromotive controller, 30 100AH Hi-Power LiPoFe4 Cells, and the rest of your normal stuff. The system voltage is rated at 96 Nominal if I use 3.2 volts per cell as my nominal voltage. If I were to use 3 volts per cell I would need two more cells. I am going to try that. I need to see if the charger will still get to the required end voltage before termination with the extra batteries. It should and leave the cell voltage at a good 80% of normal. Once my current pack is charged, 109.5 volts when it goes into CV until the amps are zero. That last 10% goes so fast it is almost not required. My resting voltage after an evening is 100 volts. When I had my 96 volt Lead Acid pack the resting voltage after an evening was 102 volts. If left longer the voltage was 98. The DC DC is always on but never powering any component. The only component that really draws any current is the volt meter. Interesting. Went to have another check. Yup. 98/99 volts. My controller reads 99 volts. Checked to see if there was any voltage leakage. None. So my cells at full rest and full charge sit at 98/99 volts.

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