Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Midget

Well, I now have a 120 volt system of 38 100AH Hi-Power Cells installed and running. I now have our large 3000 Elcon charging the pack. Our last outing we lost our brakes. The master cylinder is toast. I also have a clunking sound when doing right turns. We need replacement parts badly. I found another donor vehicle to use. I will either use the new one or use the new one for parts. The new one is red and original color and not a repaint over blue like the Black Midge. The new one has all it's parts including the top and tonneau cover. The chrome parts look to be in better condition too. Has current pink as well. I am thinking of using this one for our donor and selling the other with the engine and fuel tank from the new one. That way I can get some money back. The Black Midge is still a good vehicle but the red one may prove to be better. Maybe. I go to pick it up this morning.

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