Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big-E Project

Our Big-E project is still moving forward as is our buggy. I purchased some suspension components for the VW Bus so we can begin the lowering process. I will however need to use that new soda blaster on some components and on the underside of the bus. I will get more photos of that as soon as I can. Same for the buggy. I think I will pull the buggy out after this coming weekend due to rain coming over the weekend. No need to pull it out in the wet. Right now it's sitting covered. I think I may use that soda blaster to clean the old crappy paint off the motor on the buggy then repaint it. It is a tiny starter/generator style motor and it  should clean up the adaptor plate real nice too. Then we can finish our testing of the Kelly Controller with the starter/generator style motors. If it works and lives then there will be a viable option for owners of these little motors to actually use them once again on their buggies but have a real smooth controller rather than the old contactor style speed control. Those were fine long ago but today they are not.

Pete :)

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