Friday, May 13, 2011

Brakes Done

Well, I found out that not only was the pedal assembly needing attention the master cylinder was in fact bad. It held pressure for only a few seconds and it leaked past the internal seal and would go flat unless you kept pumping the pedal occasionally. This is not a safe thing. I also found out that the brake light switch went bad as well. My parts car had a good master cylinder so I cleaned it and replaced it and bleed the brakes. Now I have good brakes and no loss of pressure. I think I still have a tiny bit of air but I can remove that later. For now its good. So I have replaced the drivers side wheel cylinder and shoes, the brake light switch, the master cylinder, and cleaned and replaced the pedal assembly. Now I can focus on changing the differential. When done it will be a fine little vehicle. Charging is being done now. Cells could be better balanced but that too will come later.

Pete :)

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