Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brake Issue

Well I went out and purchased a portable Soda Blaster to do my cleaning and paint removal requirements. Wow. That sucker really works great. Not only does it clean grease and grime like yesterday it removes paint with no damage to the metal and it takes off light rust as well. Heavy rust is not on the table with these blasters. No biggie. I have sand for that. I used the blaster to clean the pedals and the whole assembly and then used some rust converter on the parts then I got some good primer on then painted the whole thing yesterday. It is now nice and shiny black. Two coats of rattle can but good quality enamel were used. I have the shaft assembled and I used never seize on the shaft for the lubricant grease. It works great and I have never ever had any trouble again with any thing that has that stuff on it. EVER. So it will be installed back into the car this evening and I will be up and ready to go before dark. I still have to go do 8 hours of my normal job so I won't be doing this till around 4:30 today. Almost time to jet off to work. It is now 5:50am pacific time.

Pete :)

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