Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vicor Megapac

Here are a few pics of the Megapac and a plugin brick. The bricks are not bare bricks. They are set to plugin to the Megapac. Works like a charm. You can set up these bricks in series or parallel and you can use more than one voltage for different needs. Like 15 volts for the main voltage and 12 for powering contactors and some with low amp output or some with high amp output. I have three 5v 40amp bricks in series for 15 volts and each is modified to output less than 5 volts so my controller is happy. I may change this as I also have 5.2v bricks at 24 amps that can be connected in series and set to output lower voltage or even higher if needed. They say up to like 10% more or less. I have six big Megapac's. You can use DC or AC power to power these. So they will take AC in and output DC or you can use DC in and get DC out. These can be set up to charge single cells too but with no controlls. They must be monitored if you use them to charge cells.

Pete :)

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  1. That looks really sweet! Such a wonderfully integrated system that practically plugs in! I know I will be using one for my build.