Sunday, May 22, 2011

PB-6 Troubles

PB-6 Troubles again. When the throttle is opened it runs but when the spring returns the throttle it takes off faster. There is one very very small dead zone where it stops. I will recalibrate the pot to the controller and if that does not work I will replace it with my other throttle. I don't want to do that but I guess I will if needed. Still needing to swap out the differential.

Pete :)


  1. Pete,

    Why aren't you using a HEPA instead of a Pot Box?

  2. Christopher,

    Because when I sell the MG the controller that will be sold with it will need a pot box instead of a TPS or Hall Effect. I figured out the problem. It needed recalibration and it had a couple of the frame bolts loose. I changed out the lock washers so it should hold for a good long time now. Getting ready to go recalibrate right now. The Pot actually works fine if it's calibrated properly. All but 10 minutes should do. I will report back.