Saturday, May 21, 2011

WarP Speed Sensor

Well I got my WarP Speed Sensor for my MG. I installed the sensor. I tried to drive two stock MG tachs and neither one work. I did snitch my sons tach out of his bug to see if I could use that one. It is an aftermarket VDO tach. Worked like a charm. Bummer that the stock tach would not drive with the sensor. I purchased an aftermarket tach today but it was too fat. Not by much but still too fat. I don't want to open the stock gauge hole so I went to take the gauge back but, dang, the store was closed for the weekend. Most of the stores around this hole close early. Not like the big city where things are open 24/7. Well, it looks like I need to either open the hole for after market gauges or just leave the dead tach in place and install a pedestal mount or pod mount tach. Bummer. But at least the sensor works. Time to do some disking for our garden. About 200 ft long and 15 ft wide.

Pete :)