Monday, August 12, 2013

914 is

Hey, my 914 is now legal. Went to the DMV today after work. Dang, I should have gone to the DMV 30 minutes before closing before. Got through in less than 20 minutes. Amazing, because it was a walk in thing. I then stopped at the insurance company and put it on my insurance.

Fixed the brake pedal dust boot. Checked brakes and blinkers. Well, I guess all my electrical is not up to snuff. I am now getting a blinking light on my dash when I turn on the power. No brake lights and only one side has proper blinkers. Drivers side has the blinker blinking the wrong light and its not even blinking brightly.

Going to track down the problem so I can drive. Mostly I need the brake lights to work. Will check the switch tomorrow. Easy enough to do. Fuses are all good. Some wires some where must be out of whack. Gotta track them down. Sucks.

Anyway I found a nice little video that is a three day highlight of the past EVCCON 2013. So if you have not seen it, here it is.

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