Friday, August 9, 2013

Porsche 914 Pedal Assembly

Yesterday I finished the pedal assembly for the 914 and put it all together and installed. Once I got it installed I saw my dust boot for the master cylinder lying on the floor board next to the seat. Aaaaaaaaaaaa! Now I have to take it part way apart to get it back on. It always happens. The rebuild went smoothly for the assembly except I had to be a little creative to get the roll pin installed. Just hammering it home did not work. So I took a small c clamp and tightened it then tapped the top of the c clamp until it loosened up a bit. Crank it some more and tap the top then crank more and tap more until the roll pin was fully installed. It actually worked great. It took a bit of time and moved it a tiny bit at a time but it did not take terrible long. I have new rubber pedal covers coming from Pelican parts as well as a few other things.

This evening after work I was able to finish bleeding the brakes with the help of the wife. That did not take long. Smooth and easy. Brakes feel great. I then decided to take it for a spin. As you may recall the person I purchased the car from drove it into his garage then was unable to restart the car for 3 years. Then I come into the picture and purchase the car, not running. Once I got it home I proceeded to charge the battery and then try to start the car. Upon looking and listening and checking hoses and vacuum lines I found one bad line. It was the vacuum line to the distributor. I clipped the ends and reinstalled the vacuum line and lo and behold it started and even stayed running. Mind you not the best but remember it has gas that is at least 3 years old and no fuel has run through the engine for that long.

I decided after bleeding the brakes to take it for a spin. The engine stayed running but was slow and sluggish only at idle. I turned on the head lights and backed out onto the road and let er rip. Down the road 3/10ths of a mile later I was on the return trip. Before I got back I was easy doing 70 and only in 3rd. I once again took the same route straight up the road full bore and before I got 3/10ths of a mile I was doing 70 in 3rd. Man this sucker moves nice for an old car but it still has its punch. I also noticed that the car stayed running better after taking it out for a bit of a run. I guess it needed its jets cleaned a bit. It is idling much better now even after that short drive. Can't wait to see how it does after a week or so.

Yes, I am going to drive it a bit before removing the engine for the conversion. I need to be sure the engine is in excellent condition to sell off as a turn key engine.

It is however time to buy my AC-75. I am still struggling with which setup to use. Do I go with the higher amperage and lower voltage setup or do I go with the new 144 volt 500 amp controller.

The steering was a bit squirrelly but I managed to hold it well. Seems like I don't remember these being so touchy. Maybe I forgot since High School. Maybe it just needs an alignment. New LRR tires coming this week along with an alignment.

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