Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Toyo Versado Eco Tires

Got my Toyo Versado Eco Tires mounted today. Drove in with a nasty low idle issue but it made the trip. Runs great above idle. Car is very responsive and handles well. Ooops. after leaving the tire shop I noticed a nasty front shimmy that was not there before. Seems like they screwed up on the balance job. On heavy acceleration and around 65 mph I get the shimmy. While its shimmying the car still tracks straight and true. So it leads me to think a crappy balancing job. Other than that the tires are great so far. Quiet and smooth. But when it starts to shimmy it sucks. I got most of my light issues fixed. Most but not all. When I turn on the key I have a blinker light on the dash blinking all the time even when the blinker is not on. When I turn the blinker on for the left side it works great but not on the right. Head lights work except one is burnt out on the low light. Easy fix. I have a spare. Running lights all work. Horn works. Radio works. Reverse lights work. Brake lights work. The guy had a single filament light in a dual filament socket. Ouch. Now both brake lights work.

Still figuring out my idle issue too. Replaced some old crappy hoses in hopes of fixing the issue but still no go. They needed replaced anyway so it would have been done sooner or later. Now is good.

Here is a video of the Toyo Versado Eco Tires.

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