Friday, August 30, 2013

A little headway

I went to the Bearing and Chain store in town and picked up two pulleys and taper lock bushings for my small Diesel engine and DC starter/generator for my DC generator project. I got both the pulleys installed and ready to go. Now all I need to do is bust out the TIG welder and sawzall and build a frame for both components. One pulley is 6" and the other is 4". I wanted to do a 2 to 1 but the small pulley was too fat to allow good grip on the motor shaft so I went with a taller pulley and narrower one that will allow full grip on the motor shaft. I should have enough grip to at least make a test to see how well this system will work. If it produces good power I may even try to see how well the motor runs with this connected directly and use the clutch and throttle of the generator to adjust speed. I will need to provide good cooling for the little DC generator. It is mostly for doing stationary DC charging for my VW Roadster setup. I am truly hoping for good results since my controller can do any DC source. I can use the throttle for the engine to regulate the generator and keep it at a constant speed. DC motor should pump out 36 volts and up to 400 amps of oomph.

Pete :)

I'll get some pictures tomorrow when I get home. I'll also get my welder and supplies ready for the frame build. Pics are always good. I'll need to build a way to hold the motor steady too. Should be pretty easy. I have pretty crude tools here so don't expect super clean looking stuff. I'd do thick aluminum but don't have any of that so I must use square steel stock and flat plate for the adjustable base. The electric motor will be on the adjustable base. Diesel will not.

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