Sunday, August 25, 2013

914 Lives

After getting my tires I took my car to work and back. The car ran like total crap. Had to work it with toe and heel to keep the idle up. It sucked way too much gas for the drive then after I got home I just could not get it going again. So another week and a half mucking and futzing around with the car it finally started again but still ran like crap. I now have my book and I kept looking at what I have done and everything else and just could not figure out what was wrong. There are a set of points specific for the fuel injection and I decided to take out the distributor to have a look. These points are not the regular points for the spark plugs. But when I got the distributor off I noticed that the points were nearly closed at the cam high point on the distributor. I also noted that they were badly pitted and OLD. I dug through my box of old VW parts and found an old Performance 009 Distributor that had a nearly new set of points. My luck it was a perfect match. Not so lucky actually because it is after all a VW engine. A Type IV pancake engine. I set my points to .015. The book says .016. After setting all the stuff back to original I only had to bump things a tiny bit to smooth it out and the beastie now runs smooth and idles as it should. Took it out for a spin and it runs great.

I still have that annoying blinking light on my dash. It is actually a bad switch on the E Brake handle. The switch is actually on the body in a very difficult place to get to but it is for sure a busted switch. It is a common switch so should be easy to find a new replacement with all my VW parts. This type of switch is used for trunk lights and engine compartment lights when you open them in the dark. I need to fish out the wires and then connect in a new switch and it should be just perfect.

All the lights work except the low head light on the drivers side. I figured it was a minor issue until I got the rest of the problems ironed out.

Looks like things are shaping up nicely.

Pete :)

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