Sunday, July 24, 2011

Aaaaaa Pooo

Well I think I will just pull out the Buggy and get that sucker on the road instead. The chassis is almost finished and now we need to focus on the body. It badly needs sanding and painting. Getting all that old metal flake off is just terrible hard. So with that we do continue to slowly move forward with the Bus too. I think we could make fast headway with the buggy. I am thinking of taking it to the local Tech School and let the kids there have a shot at the car. Let them finish up the chassis and body for me and give them a project to finish. I think I will call this week to see if it's possible. UTI Technical Institute is not far from here. My boy graduated from there as well. Now a diesel mechanic with a strong interest in electric conversions. A big fat 11" Kostov Motor and 156 volts of 100 AH cells would make a quick little track runner. Might be hard to hold that bunny back.

Looks like I need more photos of my Buggy.

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