Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Kelly Controller woes. I connected up my KDHD 14800 controller this evening to the low 12 volts and got the pre-charge hooked up to pack voltage to pre-charge the caps. I did not even have the high power connected nor did I have a throttle pot. Just low voltage and pre-charge. Three minutes into the setup the controller let out a high pitch squeal then a loud crack then a cloud of smoke. Ouch. Blown cap. I know what caps sound like. This was for sure a blown cap. I am going to send the controller back to Kelly. The bummer about this is that I had a buyer for the MG but this will more than  likely kill the deal. I did offer to sell it with the motor and every thing else except the controller and batteries. Not sure yet if I keep the MG or still get to sell it.

Now that I have the Synkro out of the car I have decided not to put it back in. I will continue with the Buggy. I may even part out the car. I want this one out of here. The MG must go now.

Pete :)

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  1. Tough luck on that controller. Won't they buy a Synkromotive controller from you?