Friday, July 22, 2011

Next Ghia

Well I am at it once again with the VW Ghia. I am still hunting for the right one. I have in my sight a nice 68 Ghia and have first dibs. I am hoping to go see it tomorrow. It is complete but needs a few items put back on. It has a body off restoration on the body and was done well. We shall see how well when I get there. If it is what I expect to find I will have another Ghia to convert. This one will be converted as a daily driver and one to get near or better than 100 miles with heat and air. It will be done right. I have what is needed to do a decent conversion. The wife will then get the Leaf to drive if she so desires. The MG is sold and will be shipped out soon. I have a few things left to do but for the most part it is ready. They are getting a good deal. I will not be making much. More like I am getting rid of the MG and not loosing on the deal but not making much. That is fine. The components and car are in good shape. Not perfect. But good. The motor is a Warp9 Impulse.

The Ghia is a 68 with the old style bumpers and the new style dash and independent suspension. So it has the better ride quality but not the old style dash. That is fine as the newer dash is still a good one. It also has a fuel flip cover and will provide an external spot for the plug. Perfect for the new J plug.

Pete :)

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