Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well I was going to do a quick video but it would be just as boring as this. So I opted to not publish that at this time. Sound is crappy on my HD recorder but I will soon fix that issue. Anyway we have choices now on cars. It is no longer gas or gas/hybrid only choices. Yes there is also BioDiesel. It is an option too. I am glad to announce that OEM electrics are very good. There is a large gathering of DIY types and those who want to become or will become the next generation OEM's for electric drive vehicles. It is possible to build a nice electric vehicle that will take you from home to work and back that is reliable. I am not talking about your POS junker you happen to have on hand that is ready for the junk yard. I am talking of buying a new or near new vehicle and remove the engine and install electric in its place. Lithium is the only way to go and contrary to some NiMH is not a superior cell. It is not available in large format like the lithium LiFePO4 cells. Quality controllers are available for DC drives that will withstand everyday rigor on the road and give plenty of punch for a nice drive for small to medium sized vehicles. Some electronics are going to be a bear to overcome but it is possible. I also think production vehicles can be changed enough to hold a bunch of cells within the chassis and to be enclosed like the Leaf but accessible if really needed. Changes of seat rails can help fit cells low in the chassis. Yes, someone will come up with a new specific build for electric chassis but that is some time from now at lest to where we could buy them. I am also forward thinking that maybe we could come up with electric chassises and buy them and insert our own cells and then go to the other store and buy your set of custom bodies.

We have choices. No longer slaves to big OIL. I am glad that Nissan decided to commit to electric.

Pete :)

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