Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Prius is NOT an electric car. It is a well designed gas car that is assisted with an electric motor. It does happen to have an all electric mode but for only a few miles at low 35 mph speeds. Not very electric now is it. The mileage comes from the little assist from the motor and the aerodynamics of the body. The engine is not big but enough. Just enough. Also they decided to stick with the NiMH cells in the small format. Drat. Such a nice car but it is just that, a gas car. So too is the Volt and all the other hybrids. I hate that everyone calls them electric cars. Damn, they are not. They are gas cars. The Leaf and Tesla roadster are all electric. The only two in the US on the road vehicles that are sold. I am not including the fancy neighbor hood golf carts that are called by many electric cars. Ouch.

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