Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fuel Gauge

Fuel gauge used for an AH meter. We are pleased to announce that our analog fuel gauge is now functioning as an AH meter. It counts down AH used and when you charge it shows you the current state of charge via AH out. Now that we have full time power to the controller we can now count AH in vs AH out and show it on an analog gauge too. It shows on the computer when we have the computer connected for log runs. So hopefully it will do fine. We also know we are getting a good solid 2.5 Ah per mile driven in our 120 volt car. It is a convertible so I figure that we are doing quite well. I do drive this kinda hard but I am now going to use 3rd gear for all my driving up to 60 mph. Anything beyond that I will go into 4th. This keeps the motor rpm up so it is easier on the batteries. I hit my cells hard but they are doing just fine.

Pete :)

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