Friday, June 24, 2011

Lightning in a Bag

Well I got word that there is a nice Li PO pouch cell that is available for a decent price but its only 6ah and has a life of 500 cycles. It has the ability to produce copious amounts of power. Akin to Lighting in a Bag. Bunch up a good number of these bags into a high voltage pack and you have the recipe for one hell of a light weight 1/4 mile thunder boomer. I think I may build a pack for my Buggy but I will be only using one motor coupled to a light weight buggy. Good for short runs down the track but not so good for long distance runs because if you wanted a high AH pack you'd spend lots of money. There are better batteries for that. But for the short run these lightning bags will be nice. I need about 50 bags.

Since racers are not concerned about mileage but speed these fit the bill just right. Fuel costs for gassers is high. Cost for engines is high. Hell any thing RACE is expensive.

So for Ultra Power get your lightning in a bag and go thunder down the track.

Pete :)

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