Monday, June 20, 2011


Well I am getting about 70 miles of driving at freeway speed of 55 mph. I think this is reasonable for the speeds and how I drive. I do not try to hyper mile and pretty much trying to keep my same style of driving. The car responds well but you do loose some feel from the steering. I did find myself at 75 today without realizing I was going so fast. So the cruise control is very important. Folks are starting to notice and talk about the car. I think they remember seeing it on the commercials. No one has said but I am noticing lots of looks and talk when they see the car. Lots of pointing. It is a nice car. There is some improvement of the interior parts that could be done better and more refined. Some parts seem kinda cheap. It is over all a nice car. I am getting the full rebate and tax refund for the car so it puts it in the $27,500 dollar class of vehicle with warranty. Try building one like this for that price? I dare ya!

Pete :)

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  1. Congratulations on getting a Leaf. I am sure you are going to enjoy what it has to offer. What will the charge time be when you get your level II charger installed?